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Are you looking for a counsellor, play therapist or coach in North Vancouver or online

to support your child, teen or yourself?

As a qualified Child Counsellor, Teen Life Coach and

Parent Coach, I am here to help!

Life can feel overwhelming and confusing whether you are a child, teen or parent. As a counsellor and coach in North Vancouver, I provide a safe and confidential space for my clients to explore the underlying issues of their challenges, and help them to make sense of their situation so they can move towards positive change.

Sandra Singer

As a Counsellor and Coach based in North Vancouver, I offer services both locally and worldwide through online platforms!

My areas of expertise include Child and Teen Counselling, Parent Coaching, and Teen Life Coaching. I work with children aged 3 and above, as well as young adults and parents.

I am trained and licensed in the UK, with international insurance coverage that allows me to extend my services to clients around the globe.

While I am in the process of obtaining licensure in Canada, please be aware that I may not be eligible for coverage under extended health insurance plans at this time.

Sandra Singer
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“I can see great changes in my son. The joint sessions helped him to express his feelings verbally instead of showing his frustrations. He is able to process & understand his feelings now which has given him great confidence. The sessions also helped me as a mum to realise how my behaviour triggered him and how to change this around.”

 Mom of 6-yr old

“Many thanks for your support – my daughter has really appreciated and enjoyed her sessions with you. We are now able to enjoy each other’s company again. At times I even see glimpses of the old (happy) daughter I remember.”

 Mom of 16-yr old

Our son was in such an anxious place when we began and the shift after speaking to you was absolutely amazing, so I am hugely appreciative and grateful! I think it’s been really good for him to have a positive experience with counselling and to know that this is another tool available if he needs it. ”


Parents of 10-year old


How I’ve helped people

Here’s how I’ve helped clients as

a counsellor and coach

Family 1

9-year-old Rose came to see me as she struggled with separation anxiety and fear of something bad happening to her mum. Her fears extended to being poisoned by out-of-date food and unexpectedly having to vomit. She also struggled with low-confidence at school and was worried about getting things wrong.

Family 2

Parents of 12-year-old Lukas asked for help as their son struggled with high levels of anxiety, both at home and at school. He would display controlling and demanding behaviours, and a lack of empathy for others, which negatively impacted friendships and family life. In addition, he was anxious to sleep by himself, resulting in his father sleeping with him for 6 months.

Family 3

Hanna and Louise, two committed yet overstretched mums of 3 kids under the age of 4, asked me to help them become better parents. They struggled with the challenging behaviour of their son, and found it increasingly difficult to agree on how best to engage with him. Growing up they had experienced different parenting styles, one was more caring and nurturing while the other one more disciplinarian. Now having their own children and juggling a busy home and professional life, they would often find themselves arguing about how best to discipline their children.

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