Child & Teen Counselling

Reduce Anxiety

Increase Confidence

Is your child going through a difficult time?


Counselling can help!

Children and young people can feel confused and overwhelmed by difficult life events. They often struggle to find words to express how they feel and make sense of their situation. In addition, their world is getting more complex due to social media, climate change and the aftermath of pandemic isolation.

Counselling offers your child a supportive space to express their inner world and work through a wide range of social and emotional issues.

Positive change often occurs within the first 6 weeks of counselling!

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Common concerns

anxiety and worries

low self-esteem

loss and bereavement

friendship issues

communication and behavioural difficulties

divorce, separation and sibling rivalry

Counselling can help

increase confidence and self-awareness

release distress and anxiety

improve relationships

increase emotional resilience

enhance overall well-being and enjoyment in life

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My boy is blossoming into such a confident, funny, and aware young man and Sandra had a very real part in his development. The sessions helped him validate his thoughts and feelings and encouraged him to express himself. Sandra also supported and empowered me as a parent. Thank you for making your gifts accessible to me.

Mom of 13-year-old boy



(6 – 8 weeks)

Parent Assessment

6 Child Counselling Sessions ($120/ online session)

FREE Parent Review

C$ 900 online | C$ 1,020 in-person


(follow-on sessions)


4 Counselling Sessions

FREE Parent Review

C$ 480

  Other Services


Additional Sessions: C$ 120 online / $140 in person

30-min Parent Review: C$ 75 online / $95 in person

Reports: C$ 200

Reduced Fees

I offer a sliding scale.

Please ask for more information!


How do I decide if my child needs counselling or coaching?

You don’t have to decide! Usually we are able to identify your child’s need and best approach during our Assessment & Strategy session. However, should we still be unsure if your child would benefit from counselling or coaching I will use a mix of approaches. As sessions are tailored to your child’s needs, we do not have to decide straight away which approach will be used. Let your child determine the course of action! In this way we ensure your child gets the most from our work.

What’s the difference between counselling and coaching?

Counselling helps your child to address emotional and social difficulties such as low confidence, anxiety, parental separation and friendships issues. These challenges might stem from something they have experienced in the past like having had a difficult start in life, or a current traumatic event such as an accident or being bullying. Counselling provides a safe space for your child to work through these issues.

Coaching might add to the counselling sessions, or can be offered as a separate approach. Your child might not have experienced a life changing event but might feel unmotivated, lost or lacks focus. Coaching helps your child to get back on track and re-discover their hopes and wants. Mix those with intentions and a plan of action, your child will soon experience lots of motivation and enjoyment of life.

Also consider if your child might have a negative attitude towards counselling thinking that something must be ‘broken’ to access sessions. To the contrary, your child might see coaching as a more forward-looking approach and would like to get some support to unlock their potential.

Another difference between therapy and life coaching is that therapy is usually, but not always, a long-term strategy (3 months +), while life coaching is a 8-week program.

How long and how often does my child need to work with you?

Sessions are weekly during term-time. They take place at the same day and time in order to provide a framework and stability for your child.

Counselling sessions are 50-minutes long unless otherwise agreed. Coaching sessions are between 45-60 minutes long.

Counselling usually takes between 3 – 12 months, but can also be longer-term. I also offer a 6-week assessment.

Do you offer online or in-person sessions, and how do online sessions work?

I offer in-person as well as online sessions. Believe it or not, most kids and particularly teens like working in the safety of their own home!

Online counselling sessions are still creative using age-appropriate tools like online worksheets, an interactive sand-tray and zoom whiteboard, as well as role-play to bring your child’s emotions alive.

For younger children, those under 8 years of age, I would recommend in-person sessions as those use more of a play therapy approach. I see children at my office on Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.

If you are unsure if you child will engage online, ask for a trial session.

What ages do you work with?

I offer counselling sessions for ages 4 to 18. Online sessions are best suited for children over the age of 8.