About Sandra

Counsellor and Coach

for children, teens and parents

About Sandra Singer

I am a Counsellor and Coach based in North Vancouver, Canada.

I specialise in Child and Teen Counselling, Parent Coaching and Teen Life Coaching.

You can see me in-person at my office on Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver; or online.


My Journey as Child and Teen Counsellor

I began my counselling practice in London, UK in 2012 and have since worked in charities, schools and private practice.

I have worked with more than 120 families, including children as young as 3, single parents, patch-work families, and children and teens with autism and ADHD.

It is tremendously rewarding to support my clients overcome their challenges and see them thrive to become confident and less anxious young people.


Working with Parents

Early on in my career, I realised the importance of involving parents in the therapeutic process of their child.

This can take different forms, such as simply having regular review meetings about their child’s progress, or involving them in the sessions to help resolve conflict.

At times, it is just the parent who needs a helping hand. When parents approach me for support with challenging behaviours at home, it often takes only a few parent coaching sessions to change the family dynamic around.

It is wonderful to see, how after just a few sessions, parents become more attuned to their child’s needs, and thus move away from an environment where they feel disconnected and helpless to one of being empowered and connected.


Teen Coaching

In 2021, I moved with my family to Vancouver, where I continue to support children and parents in the UK, while building my counselling and coaching practice. I have my own private practice and also joined Urban Balance Wellness where I see clients in-person.

In addition, I trained as a  Teen Life Coach to support young people to reach their full potential. Having a teen myself, I can see first-hand how the teenage years are the most transformative yet challenging years; for both the teen and the parents.

Coaching can help to unlock their potentials, so teens can maximise their performance and grow into confident, self-aware and happy adults.

Sandra Singer - counsellor and coach in North Vancouver



Additional courses

Positive Parenting Solutions

Therapeutic Story Creation for Children



Sandra has been a catalyst for our family – the coaching sessions not only helped our teenage son identify strategies to cope with his anxiety but us, as a family to notice generational issues that need addressing. We are so grateful!
Charlotte, North Vancouver

My Approach

Child Counselling and Coaching

My work with children and young people adopts an integrative approach, drawing on a variety of neuroscientific, psychotherapeutic and coaching theories.

My aim is to support my clients find their unique voice and manage the ups and downs on their journey to adulthood. I help them move from a life where they might experience stress, anxiety and troubled relationships, to being more confident, able to enjoy deeper connections with others, and fulfil their potential.

As children and adolescents often struggle to find words to express how they feel, I use a range of creative therapies that help them make sense of their situation and express their thoughts and feelings.

I can help with

 stress & anxiety | low self-esteem | lack of motivation & focus | loss & bereavement | friendship issues | communication & behavioural difficulties

Parent Coaching

My work with parents is based on my training in child development, parent-child therapy and the Adlerian theory of positive parenting. The latter is underpinned by the belief that humans have the need to belong and feel significant.

When children feel discouraged, they do not have the words to express their feelings nor do they understand where those feelings come from. Instead they act them out, likely through behaviour perceived as negative or worrying.

My aim is to empower parents to support their child’s emotional growth and resilience. Sessions include practical tools to help parents engage with their child without conflict bringing back the joy to family life.

I can help with

challenging behaviour | negative habits | aligning parenting styles | attachment & communication difficulties | parental separation