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Is your teen struggling with motivation, overwhelm and lack of direction?

Coaching can help!

Preparing your teen for adult life can be a difficult task. Not only are teenage years demanding for your child, but their world is very different from the one you experienced growing up.

Coaching offers a place for your teen to explore their current issues, overcome barriers, and identify their passion in life. Through coaching, your teen will develop skills to grow into a self-confident and self-aware individual.



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Common Concerns

 stress and anxiety

low academic achievement and motivation

poor time management and organization

lack of focus and passion

social and relational challenges


increased self-confidence

healthier relationships

 growth mindset

increased motivation

 better grades

life-long skills to set and achieve goals


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Where I, as a parent, just kept piling on options for my graduate, Sandra was able to help my son pare away the detritus and identify his own goals. Judgement free.

Diana, Vancouver

Do you want to improve communication with your teen?

Family Coaching can help!

Not only does your teen experience many changes during adolescence but also you as the parent will need to adapt as needs change.  Parents want to stay close, while teens want distance.  This can result in miscommunication and strained family relations.  

A coach works with you to pro-actively manage shifting family dynamics. Together we will find practical ways for you and your teen to adapt, improve communication and engage positively.

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Common Concerns

changing family dynamics


disharmony and frictions

different perceptions and goals


improved communication

greater understanding of each other’s perspective

 positive family relationship

greater enjoyment of each other

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(8 weeks)


15-minute Parent Assessment (FREE)

15-minute Teen Consultation (FREE)

7 Coaching Sessions

C$ 875 (125/session)

(10-12 weeks)

10 Coaching Sessions that aim to optimize:

– personal resources

– personal development

– social development

– life direction and goal achievement

C$ 1,200    SPECIAL OFFER: C$950 ($95/session)



One off coaching session to help you work through an immediate block or gap in achieving your goal

C$ 145

(6 weeks)

15-minute Parent Assessment (FREE)

15-minute Teen Consultation (FREE)

5 Parent-Teen Coaching Sessions

Parent Review (FREE)

Teen Review (FREE)

C$ 870 (145/session)

Reduced Fees

I offer a sliding scale.

Please ask for more information!


Isn’t Life Coaching only for adults?

Life coaches used to be more accessed by adults needing guidance for a career change or other issues in their life. Today’s life coaches are catering for a diverse audience, with a growing number of teens seeking the services of qualified coaches over the last few years.

The 2017 Global Consumer Awareness Survey revealed that the International Coaching Federation (ICF) showed 35% of Generation Z participants stating they already received life coaching. This figure is evidence of the growing popularity of life coaching among teens.

Teen Life coaches are specifically trained to work with this age group. Like adults who seek guidance for particular life challenges or decisions, so do teens benefit from guidance to develop the skills to grow into independent, confident, and productive members of society.

How do I decide if my teen needs counselling or coaching?

You don’t have to decide! Usually we are able to identify your child’s need and best approach during our assessment. However, should we still be unsure if your child would benefit from counselling or coaching I will use a mix of approaches. As sessions are tailored to your child’s needs, we do not have to decide straight away which approach will be used. Let your child determine the course of action! In this way we ensure your child gets the most from our work.

How long and how often does my child need to work with you?

I offer different coaching packages ranging from 6 weeks to 4 months. Sessions are between 45 – 60 minutes.

Teen Life Coaching: In the first months I see your child weekly; in the second month I see your child for 3 sessions and then have a break. In the third month I will see your child bi-weekly. Any additional months usually have 2-3 coaching sessions.

Family coaching is usually between 4-8 weeks.

Please note that I also offer a one-off coaching sessions to identify and overcome specific barriers.

How do I pay?

Coaching is paid either per program or per months. We will discuss the different payment options and identify what works for you. I accept e-transfer, wire or PayPal.

Are sessions online or in-person?

Teen Life Coaching sessions are usually online, unless your teen would prefer to see me in person. Online sessions are more flexible for your teen as they can be in the comfort of their home without needing to spend time getting to and from the sessions.

What is the right age for Teen Life Coaching?

Coaching sessions are best suited for teens and young adults, ranging from 13 to 24 years of age.