Child Counselling & Parent Coaching

Testimonials and client stories


Feedback from Children & Teens about their child counselling sessions

“The sessions helped me to open up with my sisters and to recognise that we share the same experience. This has brought us much closer, which is really great!”   14-year old girl

“At first I didn’t want to do counselling but now I think it’s really good as it has helped me become more confident in speaking and discussing my emotions.”


9 year old girl



Feedback from Parents about Child Counselling Sessions

“There are so many ways in which our daughter has improved since starting counselling to the extent that on a day-to-day basis she is much happier and really is living a sustainable life which she was fundamentally struggling to do before.”

 Parents of girl aged 9

“To see my son move on from the highly distressed state he was in last year has been truly amazing, and he continues to gain confidence and a maturity which I am incredibly proud of.”

 Rachel, mum of boy aged 12

“The moment our daughter understood that she had special needs, the situation at home improved. We as a family have become more accommodating which makes her feel more accepted and as a result easier going. Things have also improved at school and she’s generally feeling happier.”

 Parents of girl aged 12

Feedback from Parents about Parent Coaching Sessions & Parent-Child Sessions

“Sandra asked the right questions to make us realise that it has to be us parents who need to be emotionally ready to change the dynamic at home. Her practical tips helped us to turn things around quickly. We feel more equipped as parents after only 2 sessions.”

Parents of girl aged 8

“A big thank you for all your support in helping us understand our daughter’s behaviours and motivations. We have found a good balance in how this impacts us as a family, by being more mindful of our communication and expectations, and by working to create a unified environment as parents.”

J & P, parents of twins aged 4

“Through parent-child sessions my daughter and I found space to play, connect and listen to one another. We worked through some issues that had felt too fraught and overwhelming to figure out at home. Our communication and relationship has improved significantly as a result.”

Parent of girl aged 8

Client Stories

Read some child counselling and parent coaching client stories:

Family 1: combination of child counselling, parent coaching & parent-child session

9-year-old Rose came to see me as she struggled with separation anxiety and fear of something bad happening to her mum. Her fears extended to being poisoned by out-of-date food and unexpectedly having to vomit. She also struggled with low-confidence at school and was worried about getting things wrong.

As a coping mechanism she resorted to compulsive behaviour such as excessive hand-washing and checking sell-by-dates on food labels, while increasingly finding excuses not to attend school.

Rose started suffering from severe eczema aged 3.5, which would leave her skin infected and raw. She was unable to sleep and experienced night terrors. Through a variety of health interventions, Rose finally got better aged 6. By that time, she had missed out on many social events and weeks of schooling, and was unable to fall asleep by herself. In addition, her grandfather’s sudden death when she was 4 years old, added to her way of catastrophising situations. Her parents were concerned about her difficulty to see and enjoy the positive’s in life, and as a result of not knowing how to support her, would often feel emotionally exhausted.

Through a combination of 1:1 session with Rose, sessions with her parents and parent-child work, Rose started to become less anxious after 6 weeks. Her parents recognised their part in feeding into Rose’s anxiety, and started to becoming more boundaried while at the same time acknowledging her struggles. Jointly we identified ways for Rose to better cope with her anxieties and for her parents to guide her through difficult situations. After 6 months, Rose was able to enjoy life without her worries taking over any longer, and she feels able to speak up at school if something bothers her. At the same time her mum can now go out without Rose fearing something bad is going to happen, and the parents have their evenings back as Rose is able to fall asleep by herself.

“Our daughter has made such great progress. Her panic attacks have gone and she is now able to deal with her separation anxieties more rationally. As a family we have started a really good journey and can articulate feelings head on rather than skirting around issues. We also have established positive structures around bedtime and working together as a family team.”

Family 2: combination of child counselling, parent coaching & parent-child session

Parents of 12-year-old Lukas asked for help as their son struggled with high levels of anxiety, both at home and at school. He would display controlling and demanding behaviours, and a lack of empathy for others, which negatively impacted friendships and family life. In addition, he was anxious to sleep by himself, resulting in his father sleeping with him for 6 months.

As a copying mechanism she resorted to compulsive behaviour such as excessive hand-washing and checking sell-by-dates on food labels, while increasingly finding excuses not to attend school.

In my work with him it soon became apparent that Lukas was struggling to consider other people’s perspectives and needs. Through creative therapeutic interventions he became less anxious, however continued to struggle with relationships and to follow instructions. This would cause frictions with teachers and classmates as well as family members, leaving his parents emotionally exhausted. We agreed to look into the possibility of him being neurodiverse, i.e. potentially being on the autistic spectrum and / or having ADHD. The process let his parents see Lukas’s behaviour in a different light, understanding why he might respond in certain ways. Through sessions with Lukas and his parents we explored specific situations that would lead to regular conflict at home, and jointly find solutions. As a result, home life became less demanding and more manageable.

Lukas has since been diagnosed with ADHD and is now getting appropriate support at school and at home.

“We know understand where his anxiety is coming from and how we can support him. He has even started to sleep by himself- what a relief! Thank you so much for your help and support!”

Family 3: parent coaching

Hanna and Louise, two committed yet overstretched mums of 3 kids under the age of 4, asked me to help them become better parents. They struggled with the challenging behaviour of their son, and found it increasingly difficult to agree on how best to engage with him. Growing up they had experienced different parenting styles, one was more caring and nurturing while the other one more disciplinarian. Now having their own children and juggling a busy home and professional life, they would often find themselves arguing about how best to discipline their children.

Our work centred around understanding the motivation of their son’s behaviour and how best to engage with him so his need of feeling connected was met. At the same time, we explored their respective upbringings, their individual strengths and challenges.

Soon Hanna and Louise realised that each their parenting style had benefits as long as they worked together, both with each other as well as with their children.

Through interventions like spending quality 1:1 time with each child, positive encouragement of their kid’s efforts and empathising with their feelings, they quickly saw a change in their son’s behaviour.


After four sessions they are now able to enjoy a happier family life including calmer meal times without their son demanding most of their attention.

Moreover, Hanna and Louise have less arguments about how best to parent their kids while recognising and appreciating each other’s strengths. They feel better equipped to calm emotional storms, deal with toddler behaviour talking to their children.

“The kids are great and we are seeing the benefits of the sessions with you. We are not perfect but we are clearly better equipped to deal with toddler behaviours and better at talking to them, which has resulted fewer challenging situations.”